Friday, January 23, 2009

I've changed my name :)

Dear Diary,
Today i decided to change the name of this blog. When I originally created this blog it was started to allow people to get a sneek peek of what it's like to be an unpublished author and I wanted people to share in my journey. I initially thought that it was going to take quite some time for me to be published but God has such a way of doing things and I was picked up so fast that I didnt really have a chance to slow down until now. So today as I turned in my novel so that it can finished being put together :), I realized something. I realized that my blog name doesn't fit me anymore. I've decided to change the name from, "Diary of an Aspiring Author" to "Diary of a Debut Author" because I'm actually living an author's life. Even though my book hasnt been released just yet I'm on my way to acheiving more of my dreams. I'm just in the beginning of this journey but I'm hopeful and excited because I know it will be an interesting ride. I just would like to encourage you to continue going after your dreams because after a while your very dream will show up right on your door step for you. Continue to press through to reach your dreams no matter what. Push through the adversity in your life and reach your goals because they will come true if you just believe and never give up.

Until next time,
Jessica A. Robinson, Author :)