Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dear Diary,
Today I must say I'm feeling good. I went to church and the pastor's sermon really spoke to me and I left service feeling energized and inspired all at the same time. Alot of times when I'm at church I get things from God (my pastor says they are downloads into our spirit) and I feel like writing and sharing it with you today. As I was sitting in church I began to think about the direction that my life has taken and had a couple of questions that entered into my mind. Sometimes I laugh because it's like my mind never shuts off because I'm always thinking about something :) . I started to think about the whole process of me trying to become published and get my name out there and all of the trials and tribulations I've faced already even though I'm only in the beginning of my journey and I've realized that it is all necessary part of the whole equation. There are so many people who try to surround themselves around you because they see that you are heading somewhere in a direction that they think they want to go but when you need them the most they are no where to be found. Those same people who professed their love and admiration for what you're trying to do are where to be found. I've come to realize this: When you have a vision and a dream to do something don't expect for people to jump behind you and push you along because they wont. And don't use that very fact to just give up your dream and quit because giving up is not an option. If you still have a dream and a vision to do something then continue on no matter who is supporting you. You don't need anyone to validate who you are or the gift you had because God has given it to you. Just don't allow your vision to stop and your dream to die because of the people around you. No matter who tries to hate on you they won't even be able to because if it's your's your time. God appoints all of us a time when he will bring our dream and our vision to pass but we have to make sure we recognize the season we're in. After much prayer and direction, I know this is my season. Even though I don't have a clear direction of how everything will happen for me I know that it's just a matter of time before God shows up and brings clarity. Right now my role is to be in position so that I will be able to gain insight. I know it's my time to shine!!!

Until next time,
Jessica aka "Lyric" Robinson

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said this better. The entertainment industry as a whole is difficult and there are so many options, doors and people to entrust, motivate, share and counsel. In the end, all you've got is Self and God and you just push on with what He's gifted you to do.