Friday, July 25, 2008

A valuable lesson

Dear Diary,
It's been a little while since I've written anything and today I figured I might as well write and keep you updated. So I finally got in contact with one of the people that I sent my manuscript to and I must say I received pretty good feedback. I wanted to know this person's honest opinion of my work and I had braced myself for what they were going to say. I was actually suprised when I opened up the email yesterday. She had wrote me and informed me that she read what I sent to her and that she found it to be absolutely interesting. That made me smile. She really enjoyed what I sent to her and that made me happy to hear such positive feedback. I can say I learned a valuable lesson from her email. Alot of times as an aspiring author we can tend to be a little overprotective of our work and what people say about it because to us our first novel is like our baby and we sometimes feel it's perfect. We are even nervous to hear what people have to say because we find ourselves afraid of that one word...REJECTION. We're afraid to submit to companies and we're afraid to ask our literary friends what they think about our work because we're afraid it will be negative but the lesson I learned is this: Not to let fear stop you from moving forward. If we're afraid to move forward then we will never grow and we will never see progress. Actually, we have to take the good with the bad and allow it to develop us as people and as authors...nobody is perfect and the things we write are definitely not perfect. Everyone and everything we come across on our literary journey is what makes us become who we are and ultimately is what shapes the greatness that we become. I'm learning day by day not to be afraid of what anyone has to say whether it be good or bad because it is what will ultimately take me to the next level.

Until next time,
Jessica aka Lyric Robinson

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